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Accessories for Infinity Track Dock

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Elevating your waterfront experience goes beyond just having a dock; it’s about customizing it to suit your specific needs and activities. Accessories for Infinity Track Docks offer a versatile solution, allowing you to tailor your dock setup for convenience, safety, and enjoyment. From securing watercraft to enhancing visibility and creating comfortable spaces, these accessories maximize the functionality of your dock while complementing its sleek design. Explore a range of options to transform your Infinity Track Dock into a personalized waterfront oasis that caters to your every need.

Accessories for an Infinity Track Dock:

  1. Dock Cleats: Easily attachable and adjustable cleats provide convenient mooring points for boats and watercraft, enhancing docking and security.
  2. Bumpers or Fenders: Protect both the dock and boats from damage due to collisions with durable, weather-resistant bumpers or fenders, ensuring prolonged dock and vessel lifespan.
  3. Dock Lights: Illuminate the dock area for safe nighttime use with energy-efficient LED dock lights, enhancing visibility and safety for users.
  4. Boat Lifts: Seamlessly integrate boat lifts with the Infinity Track Dock system for efficient launching and retrieval of boats, minimizing watercraft exposure to elements and reducing maintenance needs.
  5. Kayak Racks or Storage: Organize and store kayaks, paddleboards, or other water sports equipment with adjustable racks, maximizing dock space and convenience.
  6. Dock Benches or Seating: Create comfortable seating areas for relaxation and enjoyment of waterfront views with weather-resistant dock benches, enhancing the dock’s recreational appeal.
  7. Safety Ladders or Steps: Facilitate safe access to and from the water with sturdy ladders or steps, ensuring user safety during swimming, boarding, or other water activities.
  8. Mooring Whips: Secure boats in place with mooring whips, providing an alternative to traditional dock lines and minimizing boat movement in adverse weather conditions.
  9. Dock Boxes or Storage Containers: Store boating essentials and recreational gear near the water with weatherproof storage containers, protecting items from moisture and theft.
  10. Fish Cleaning Stations: Set up dedicated fish cleaning stations with sinks, cutting boards, and storage compartments, simplifying the fish cleaning process and keeping the dock area tidy.


Accessorizing an Infinity Track Dock system enhances its functionality, safety, and versatility, catering to various recreational and practical needs of waterfront property owners. With a range of accessories available, users can customize their dock to optimize enjoyment and convenience while ensuring long-term durability and efficiency.


Q1: Can I add accessories to an existing Infinity Track Dock system?

Yes, most accessories for an Infinity Track Dock can be easily added or integrated into an existing system, allowing users to customize their dock as needed.

Q2: Are there specific weight or size limits for accessories on an Infinity Track Dock?

While Infinity Track Docks are designed to accommodate various accessories, it’s essential to consider weight distribution and load capacities to ensure the dock’s stability and safety.

Q3: How do I install accessories onto an Infinity Track Dock?

Installation methods may vary depending on the specific accessory. Typically, accessories can be attached to the dock’s track system using compatible mounting hardware or brackets provided by the accessory manufacturer.

Q4: Are there accessories available for securing personal watercraft (PWC) or jet skis to an Infinity Track Dock?

Yes, there are accessories such as PWC lifts or floating docks designed specifically for securing and launching personal watercraft or jet skis from an Infinity Track Dock system.

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